Experience in Support


This is a rather personal story, and I’m hoping that this doesn’t offend anyone in particular.

I know there are plenty of stressful jobs out there, and I was privileged to have been able to have the opportunity to work in an office job. Although the experience was still a bit hard for me, it taught me a lot and I got to network with a lot of great people in my office so I don’t regret spending my time there working in customer support.

However, I am more than thankful that I’m done with that job because it did add to my anxieties which resulted in me experiencing multiple health problems.

I’d also like to add that although I knew this even before I got my job in customer support, I can’t stress enough that people need to understand that there are real live people with real feelings when you try to file a complaint towards a product or company.

They’re not the ones in charge, they’re not the ones who pissed you off. They’re not your therapists, they’re not your mom, and they’re certainly not your punching bag.

If you are upset, they more than understand. But please, be gentle and kind.

The kinder you are, the more eager they’ll be to try and do the best they can to help you and on top of that, you’ll be contributing to making their day just a bit more bearable than the last.

I’ve mentioned something similar in my post about people in the nursing field in my previous comic.

This applies to any occupation. Don’t take your stress out on guys in retail because you had a bad day, don’t yell at the cashier because you can’t math and give them the right change, and don’t stiff your hairdresser and try to get a free haircut because you feel like you wanna be a big man.

Please, as cheesy as it sounds I really do encourage people to stay kind as much as they possibly can.





*Note: I actually didn’t eat on the bus/train but I was extremely tempted to.

I’ve been trying to make an effort to draw more frequently, and draw random figures while on transit to improve on my anatomy skills… But this has been more than difficult not just for my lack of motivation but rather me having to be extremely careful for not looking at people for too long so that I don’t creep people out… or worse… have them come up to me to strike up a conversation (An introvert’s worst nightmare).

Hopefully I can get up early enough to get a seat for that life drawing class next time.