Road to womanhood


Of course, learning to embrace being a woman does not always mean go learn how to wear make up and wear the right clothes.

But for me it did help. Spending years dressed up as a boy and having no clue on how to be confident as a girl, this sort of show was something that did trigger something in myself to try and maybe take an effort at something I was too scared to face.

When I thought I didn’t deserve to wear nice clothes or make up would not improve the feelings I felt about my appearance, the show (as well as the support of my peers) taught me that everyone has the right to be any sort of lady they want to be and it’s your own right on how you want to look.

I still screw up with my make up and I’m still learning how to dress nicely, but it’s been pretty cool trying to figure this all out and meeting all kinds of people who enjoy doing the same thing.


Rei wants a Rei.


Real reaction is real.

I was genuinely anxious about getting dupes or getting Tuxedo Mask… or both.

Nothing against Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon (Don’t want to upset any potential fans of his…? If he has any) but I’d rather not really have him as an action figure.

I originally had mixed feelings about having Sailor Mars dupes, but then I realized I could have her at work and at home and the feelings reverted back to joy.


Bathroom Break



Okay, kind of messed up the timeline here. This actually happened when I was still in grade school. I just got my dog but as I was too small to take care of her on my own, my mom took care of her and I would visit her on weekends. This was around the beginning when my mom was still training my dog Melody (Named after Melody from Josie and the Pussycats).

Melody was still a bit too small and hyper active to walk around with on a leash so we would take on her walks while carrying her around. This was probably not the best idea as we have not quite yet successfully potty trained her.

This resulted in her to go potty on my pants, and having no change of pants in the middle of a town just a bit farther from where my mother had lived… This created a rather embarrassing memory. An 8-year-old girl to have various strangers thinking you wet your pants when really your dog just happen to have good aim to make it appear as though I was the one who was not potty trained…😛