*Note: I actually didn’t eat on the bus/train but I was extremely tempted to.

I’ve been trying to make an effort to draw more frequently, and draw random figures while on transit to improve on my anatomy skills… But this has been more than difficult not just for my lack of motivation but rather me having to be extremely careful for not looking at people for too long so that I don’t creep people out… or worse… have them come up to me to strike up a conversation (An introvert’s worst nightmare).

Hopefully I can get up early enough to get a seat for that life drawing class next time.



My PAX Experience.


I’ve always been a bit of sickly kid, but I was more than just disappointed when I developed vertigo during my first experience attending PAX.

This was basically a general summary of what I saw there, but I was lucky to have gone with my boyfriend who is an avid gamer, and apparently had some luck in bumping into all the big name developers and YouTube celebrities and got photo ops with them.

Some people I recognized and got to meet were the FunHaus YouTube personalities, creator of Meat Boy Tommy Refenes and YouTuber Jack Septiceye.

Although for half of the day at PAX, I had become sick I still trudged forward and tried to enjoy as much as possible to get the most out of my 1-day ticket.

It was quite an experience, and if the opportunity ever arises, I would definitely go again.






I know simply appreciating my existence doesn’t necessarily solve all my problems, but it’s been a bit of a personal struggle to not be bitter towards other people and notice all the things they have that I don’t.

This year, I kept my list of new years resolutions rather short and simple:

To try and be more optimistic, and be happy for the things I already have.

My hope is that with a positive mindset, I can be more motivated and have a better idea on how to continue pursuing my dreams for an artistic career.

It’s a bit cheesy, but the simple goal I have is something that’s always been a constant internal battle for me, and I hope that I can win it this year.


Wish me luck, and a late happy new years to you all 🙂



Stepping into D&D


This is basically how I started playing Dungeons and Dragons, and this is pretty much how I’m still playing right now. I’m still playing the home-brew beginner style of D&D to learn more about the game, but even so it’s been quite fun to play.

Our dungeon master managed to gather a group of new players completely unaware of how to play the game and had them coming back to play again just like me.

I’m looking forward to the next session, and hopefully I’ll have more of a story to tell of my experiences in the game.

Nanaimo Bar Anime Review

As I’ve been a complete potato with absolutely zero social skills as of late, I’ve mostly been spending my time watching things and reading whatever things I forgot to read when I attempted to have a life. And as nothing in particular has been happening in my life I thought it’d be best I begin to talk about what sorts of things I have been taking an interest in rather than just writing about how I’m always a sad potato.



….Aaaaaaand I became hooked.

Of course, I did leave out a lot of other details about the show (that isn’t about pretty skaters providing fan service). The discussions people had about the show and how the series handled relationships, anxiety and cultural diversity was something that definitely continued to draw me in during the show’s airing.

Aside from the romantic tension between the protagonist Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov (god I hope I spelt that right) which I absolutely loved, the way Yuri continued to handle his anxieties and overcome his lack of confidence is something that sparked something in me to pursue a similar goal of getting back into a field where I thought I was not fit to be a part of.

I could honestly go on and on about what I enjoyed about this series, but I would rather just suggest that you get it a quick watch and see what you think.

It’s unfortunate that the show has concluded as of this week, but the creator of the series has been hinting for a sequel and I’m keeping my fingers crossed she wasn’t trolling her fans.